Childhood Obesity In Australia

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The research provides the evidences that recently more than one quarter of Australian children are overweight or obese and the rate for children increased every year (Health, 2013). In the past years there has not even been a slight improvement to the number fatalities and the number of obese Australian adult is one of the highest in the world which is almost in 2 in 3. Obesity has become a serious problem for many people especially for young children. One of the biggest reasons for this that they are influenced by their environment and people around them. The affiliate’s lack of knowledge and understanding of healthy food has created a bad influence to young people in regards to their eating habits and diet. Those reasons have also become …show more content…
They often eat unhealthy processed meals at home and at school as they don’t have the right knowledge and understanding in regards to obesity. Their eating habits are influenced by their family and friends. Since their family and friends have lack of knowledge and understanding of healthy food and usually eat the unhealthy processed food, young people also eat the same type of foods and could not be able to notice the risks. Easy cooked meals that serve up to young people at home and at school are contained too much sugar, oil, sodium and chemical preservatives and additives which causes disease shown above. Food producers use over 14,000 lab made additives to make food look better on the shelf (Processed food vs homemade food, 2014). On the other hands the biggest advantages of homemade fresh food eliminating the chemical additives. Homemade meals are obviously healthier than processed meals, however, many people would prefer the latter. It is because processed foods are tasty and addictive and people can save money and time. As a barrier, there would be no choices for young people to have healthy meals at home if their family ate processed food. Processed foods also are everywhere around young people such place as school tuckshop and fast food chain. Young people are received peer pressure from their friends. If their friends ate food from school tuckshop every day, they would eat the same unhealthy food every day because they want to be accepted. Due to these reasons processed foods have sadly become acceptable for young

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