Friday Night Lights Movie Essay

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The media misinterprets the values of Christianity and portrays Christian celebrities in a negative way. Naturally, the media is giving the people what they want and sometimes it is not always true. Real life Christian celebrities speak out about their religious beliefs and how the media sees them. Television shows and movies include religious characters that end up being the murderer or adulterer, which gives religion a negative review in society. The negative portrayal of Christians in today’s society is wrong and inaccurate.
The entertainment industry often portrays a majority of Christians as pitiless, hypercritical, ignorant, empty of understanding or grace, and with a heavy Southern accent. This stereotype is more common than what true Christians are, and it upsets those
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At least filmmakers admit God is an issue, ignoring Him, Godawa says, “leaves the impression that He is… irrelevant to our reality” (Colson 2)
Friday Night Lights is one example of a positive, true representation of the Christian faith. This movie provides locker room prayers and characters’ conflicts with Bible-based morality (Cohn 2). Christian grace, forgiveness, and redemption are shown through the award-winning Les Misérables (Colson 2). Plenty of other productions, like Fireproof and God’s Not Dead, touch on God and His power more in depth than locker room prayers.
People look to the media for entertainment and news, and they should know by now, not everything they hear is true. Movies and television shows exaggerate situations, solely for entertainment purposes. The media misinterprets the morals of Christianity and depicts Christian celebrities in a negative way. This negative interpretation of Christianity and Christian celebrities is incorrect and mistaken. Not only is the Christian religion affected by this misinterpretation, but Christian followers are affected as well, and this must be

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