Essay about The Influence Of Art On The Genes

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It’s in the Genes In 17th century Rome, the Baroque style painter Orazio Gentileschi provided his children with the finest art education available. Despite his efforts, only one of his children (Artemisia, his daughter) became an artist. She not only matched her father’s talent, but surpassed his skills, and became the first female member of the Academy of Design in Florence. On the contrary, Artemisia 's brother, Francesco, did not have the innate sense of artistic ability and did not pursue his art career any further. Art is visible everywhere in the world, but the big question remains; Is artistic ability an inborn talent, or can it be learned? Although painting is one of the more famous types of art, it is not limited. Forms of art range from music, dance, singing, and even literature. Art is a natural talent: in view of the fact that artists arrive in the world brimming with a passion for creativity, art is established in their veins, and although they have so much more to learn, creativity is engraved into their minds. Since their youth, many individuals are born with a burning passion to express themselves in their everyday lives whether it is drawing on napkins at the dinner table, filling in the dot by dot pictures at restaurants, or even creating their own mini masterpieces on the walls of their bedrooms. Corrine Smith, an abstract artist in Illinois, had a passion for art that “developed during childhood. Unlike many adolescents who want to be a teacher or an…

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