Gender Stereotypes In Advertising

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Advertisements are everywhere around us, and today it is one of the most vital marketing communicators. Advertisements are the foundation and fuel of the mass media. The main goal of the mass media is to introduce the audience to advertisers, just like the televisions programs attempt to introduce consumers for commercials. Advertisements are a form of art that are designed to persuade a consumer to buy a certain product or even look a specific way. Throughout the research, the main issue discussed is the misconception of how both women and men should look. More specifically, how advertisements constantly deceit consumers into false ideals. Advertisements reveal ideas of love, sexuality and beauty, and also reinforce stereotypes by creating …show more content…
The increasing advancements in technology are also leading to more conflicts. The rise in technological advancements are helping advertisement companies express their ideal of perfection. The increase in internet use by consumers is allowing advertisement companies reach more people. Additionally, applications such as Netflix and Hulu are helping to spread a "glamorized Hollywood ideal". Advertisements are having an immense impact on our youth today. Advertisements that use women as an object belittles them, and makes women seem less of a human, which may lead to violent acts against women. Additionally, the constant sexual remarks correlate to the amount of pregnancies among teens in America. Advertisements are having an immense impact on our youth today. Throughout "Killing Us Softly", a documentary by Jean Kilbourne, Kilbourne sheds light on the effects these advertisements have on people, but more concerning is the effect on children. “Women and girls compare themselves to these images every day”. “And failure to live up to them is inevitable because they are based on a flawlessness that doesn’t exist.” This ideal of perfection among women has become so destructive that 50% of three to six year old girls fear about their weight. The correlation …show more content…
This can be either the use of sex, the sexualization of both men and women, or scenes that suggest acts of rape. Advertisements that condone acts of violence, or sex at a very young age are tragically effecting society. In "Killing Us Softly", Kilbourne shows her viewers multiple ads which depict men as brutes. Not all men are as violent and masculine as the media makes them out to be. These mistaken ideals of men cause roles of masculinity and feminity to be skewed. Kilbourne discusses this in her documentary, and even shows her viewers a provocative image of a women’s pubic hairs outlining "G" for Gucci. Not only is this excessive, but it is sending the completely wrong message, and Kilbourne argues that. For men, advertisements emphasize their masculinity, strength, and power. Men are depicted to dominate women, through acts of violence or subtle advertisements that implied sexual battery. For example, a clothing company advertisement depicts a man standing above a woman as though the man has power over her. I thought it was an advertisement for clothing, not sexist remarks? This misleading and warped view of men advocates that men are stronger, and aggressive, and any man that has feminist qualities is shamed. Advertisements regarding body image are creating separation and disconnections between men and women and their body image. Advertisements are issuing commercials that offer a

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