The Inequality Of Genders Of Society Essay

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To discuss the inequality of genders in our society we must look back in history as to the role women played and follow their journey into todays society. Traditionaly during the agriculture era women in Europe and North America worked in the house cooking, cleaning and child caring. Men commonly looked after the farmland and often times sold their produce to market. Thus in the economy of that era it was mens job to conduct the business aspect of the house. As the industrial revolution swept across Europe and North America women began to expect more from their participation in this new era of commerce and government. The probable start of resistance to the status quo for womens rights started in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. In Great Britain militant women under the name of the womens social and political union (wspu) began to organize right to vote movement. Commonly known as suffragettes, these women lead protests and hunger strikes which ultimately had an effect on public policy and in 1918 women over thirty years of age were given the right to vote.

Women have been organizing to redefine their place in society to demand equality and justice. This new womens movement emerged with the main goal of social justice, including politics, culture, media , law, education, health, the labour force and religion. Although in present day Canada, women comprise half the population but only thirty percent hold office in government, and twenty percent in…

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