Essay about The Indus River Valley Civilization

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To begin, we must first understand the countries we are comparing. The Indus river valley civilization-This great civilization began at about 2500 B.C , It was made up of many great settlements,(resembling city states) that lied along ( or away from) the Indus river valley. The largest of these great settlements was Mohenjo- Daro; which is located in present day Pakistan.
Geography- The physical features of the land in, as well as surrounding the Indus river valley civilization were probably the most ideal they could have gotten. The area was a large stretch of land that stretched through the modern day expanses of India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. This land was completely surrounded and totally protected the “nation” from nearly anything, whether it be outside disease, war or invasion, as well as cultural diffusion (not saying it’s a bad thing or anything).This land also came with a nearly perfect water source, the INDUS is the backbone of the society as it allows for easier travel, trade, agricultural production, and sewage.
Economy- Agriculture and trade played major roles in the river valleys development, construction, design, equality, and social structures. For their agriculture, the creation and adaption of the people to create an advanced widespread irrigation system allowed for the people to create surplus amounts of food, (mainly wheat and barley) as well as rye, rice, peas and cotton. Animals, especially domesticated ones, were also…

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