The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act Essay examples

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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) defines an Emotional Behavioral Disturbance as a condition that shows multiple characteristics for a prolonged period of time that negatively affects academic performance. These characteristics can be inability to learn, inability to build and maintain relationships, inappropriate behavior under normal situations, consistent negative moods, and the development of physical symptoms or fears brought on by personal or school problems (U.S Department of Education, 2004). The DSM-IV defines Emotional Behavioral Disturbances as “Conduct Disorders.” The characteristics that define Conduct Disorder include repetitive abnormal societal rules that are violated, aggression towards people and animals, destruction of property, serious violation of rules, and deceitfulness (Furlong, Morrison, and Jimerson, 2004). Although these definitions seem specific, this is one of the most difficult disabilities to diagnose. Children’s behavior is a continuum, in which there is not a single factor that can determine whether a behavior is serious enough to be considered an emotional disturbance. Mental health in general has always been difficult to define because there are many explanations and circumstances that can define why a person is acting or feeling a certain way.
Disability Characteristics Emotional Behavioral Disorders are diagnosed on the the terms that the behavior has gone to an extreme, the problem is chronic, and the behavior is…

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