Indian Ocean Trade Dbq

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The 15th through the 18th century was primarily an “Asian Age” due to the advancements in trade and manufacturing. You might wonder how trade could make this time period an “Asian Age”. The answer to this question is simply that trade was a huge ordeal during this time period. Trade was a major source of income for countries and even a source of political and social power. The advancement of the trading routes, new items found and made, and the political and monetary power gained through trade all worked together to make this time period an “Asian Age”.
To begin this discussion I would like to discuss the Indian Ocean Trade. This was a largely popular form of maritime trade. The only issue with this from of trade was what to do in order
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These new materials include silk, gun powder, and dye among other things. These are the three that I would like to focus on however. First I would like to discuss silk. Obviously silk was a major item in the trading world, considering it received a set of trading routes in its name. China was the first country to start producing silk and it remained the only country to do so until The Silk Road came about. Eventually, after some time, Japan learned how to produce it. After Japan, most other countries learned how to produce it as well. Despite the other countries learning how to produce silk, China continued to have the monopoly on the silk trade. Silk was wanted by everyone. Considering its many uses, mostly in making clothes, silk was in high demand. This brought a great amount of revenue to Asia. This is another example of Asia starting something before Europe did. Europe did not start producing its own silk until after Asia and it still was not as good as China’s.
Now I would like to discuss gun powder. It was a key component in mostly manufacturing due to war. Due to the manufacturing of guns, gunpowder was in high demand. China was one of the first places to start making gunpowder. Eventually the Mongols brought this new information on how to make gun powder to India and the Middle East when they conquered them. While Europe did eventually have the information brought to them from
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As mentioned earlier, the Silk Road and the Indian Ocean Trade greatly helped Asia’s politics and the empires within their countries. These trade routes provided Asia with being in charge of much trade, considering the Silk Road went all across Asia. Asia was making a great deal of money off of these trade routes which helped them to build powerful and rich empires. Examples of this was the Han Dynasty of China and the Ottoman Empire which were very well off economically thanks to trade. This political power that was gained was not just due to certain dynasties or governments becoming more powerful however, much of it had to do with the communication between governments politically. Trade ended up helping the different countries communicate and even possibly make

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