The Incredibles: Sequences Of The Movie

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Sequences of The Incredibles
In the film the Incredibles is about super-hero's Frozone, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl we learn this in the prologue. about Mr. Incredible who is vigilante hero, and when he makes couple mistakes and gets sued after helping people who didn't ask to be helped the government has pay the fines. They are given two choices either live as a super-hero or go into hiding he chooses to go into hiding. So, in act 1 Mr. Incredible AKA Bob Parr gets married and then we see him fifteen years later living a regular life where he works for an Insurance claims company and he hates his job. Bob helps all his clients and shows them how to get their claims filed and processed correctly and writes a lot of checks for the processed
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Bobs Parr has a monotonous life you can see it on his face he does not like life of a suburban dad. Bob Misses being a vigilante superhero and he lies to his wife and tells her they go bowling when actually Mr. Incredible and Frozone go out doing vigilante stuff by listening to the police radios. Furthermore, Mirage has been following Mr. Incredible to hire him for a job. Bob gets sent to Mr. Huph office and Mr. Huph who has little people's syndrome talks down to Bob and Bob tries to leave and help a woman who is being robbed and he can't he becomes fed up and throws Mr. Huph through four walls and ends up in a cast. Bob receives a tablet that has a secret message and he has 24 hours to reply. In act 2 Bob realizes how much he misses being a hero and takes the job from Mirage. He doesn't yet realize who he is actually working for yet! Moreover, we see his life change everything at home is very good and his body starts to transform back into the superhero version of himself. He buys a new car, but he doesn't tell his wife anything and he even goes to Edna Mode after his costume rips after his first mission where he defeats the robot he is …show more content…
Bob living his life very happily but he's living a double life not telling his wife that he has been fired and working as Mr. Incredible. In addition, in act 2 his wife starts becoming suspicious after calling his office because the number he gave didn't work after hearing Bob on the phone with Mirage, Helen finds Mirages hair on his suit and even seeing his old outfit repaired in his office. In the middle point of the film is when his loving wife fears that something is wrong with him and decides to go after him. Edna Mode has made everyone in the family matching costumes and the kids find out they have custom costumes. Therefore, Helen aka Elastigirl who gets a government airplane goes after her husband and uses the homing beacon in Mr. Incredibles suit to find him gets him caught by Syndrome who was a huge fan of Mr. Incredible and is the man who hired him. Therefore, Mirage saves Mr. Incredible after he is captured by Syndrome and the kids are fighting Syndromes soldiers and they are realizing how to use their powers and becoming themselves. In act 3 Elastigirl finds Mr. Incredible, Dash and Violet when Syndrome captures them all and you think this is the end Violet breaks free and frees everyone and they take the rocket to follow the Syndrome who is planning an attack and wants to be known as the greatest super -hero so he plans attack

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