Essay on The Importance of Psychology Today

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Alexandra Hamlet
September, 30, 2000 The Importance of Psychology Today
The study of mental functions and human behavior in which scientists develop hypotheses and test these theories are referred to today as psychology. In effort to explain the human behaviors, psychologist research and use the studies of other psychologist in effort to find the answers to question like why a person acts or behaves the way they do? The most common approaches in psychology are behavioral, psychoanalytic, cognitive, social/cultural, and physiological. The complexity of humans has fascinated scientist for years. Psychologists have been investigating human’s cognitive, humanistic, social/cultural and behavioral responses since the beginning of this
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As a result, children produce the desired behavior society expects at home, in school, and in any other environment (Dong & Juhu)
The social/cultural approach covers the behavioral patterns of society as a whole. These behavioral patterns cover lifestyles, habits, arts, rituals, beliefs, activities, and ethics. It is common belief by Carl Gustav Jung that humans share common emotions and

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