Summary: The Influence Of Yoga Training

Under the influence of yoga, the stress resistance of a person is markedly increased. As a result, various life troubles can hardly take person engaged in yoga out of the state of mental equilibrium. Moreover, even if such a shift occurs then the person comes to recovery much quicker and with the least losses. According to Posadzki, Parekh and Glass (2010) yoga training is efficient in curing mental health disorders and may enhance brain activities. Yogic breathing exercise, called meditation, is the major causal mechanism for improving mental health status, because of the way it affects the parasympathetic nervous system (Birdee, Ayala & Wallston, 2017). Likewise, there are numerous physical improvements after practicing yoga regularly. …show more content…
When people load their bodies with extreme postures, it can create problems for their health. Some poses in yoga are harmful to cartilage, joints and bones, if people are not prepared. As a result, many yogis went through surgery to replace the knee joints. Campbell (2002) reported “An increasing number of yoga’s army of converts are finding that contorting themselves into complicated positions can hurt their backs and knees, damage their groins, make them faint, bring on splitting headaches and tear muscles and ligaments”. Above all, it is possible to damage the spine, which is the most dangerous case. For instance, during the headstands yogis transfer the main load on the hands: the head accounts for only 20% of the weight. If too quickly throw your legs up, we run the risk of damaging the cervical spine. According to Russel (1972), yoga practitioners can gain the brain injury caused by neck stretching. This demonstrates that yoga as a system of physical exercises implies a reasonable approach to it. Yoga practices like any other physical activities in number of cases are forbidden without permission of the doctor such as any diseases of the internal organs in the acute stage, serious disorders in the work of the heart, severe blood diseases, hernias, dislocations, traumas, infectious lesions of joints, infections of the spinal cord or brain. Yoga should bring pleasure and relief, and with these disorders, it will be impossible. Furthermore, it is prohibited to practice yoga the first six months after a stroke or heart attack and the first 2-3 months after any surgery in the sternum or peritoneum. If a person experiences discomfort regularly after each yoga exercise, then the cause of the practice should be discontinued. In addition, it is not recommended to study new asanas and try to perform them without professional supervision, because it can lead to corrupting ligaments, joints and

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