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In the nursing profession detailed and factual writing is key. The writing that nurses do needs to be scholarly and to the point. There are multiple different facets of writing a professional nurse can do. On the job a nurse would most likely be doing documentation style of writing. However there are also nurses who are published authors who write educational pieces for the entire nursing community. These types of editorial pieces are published in nursing journals. These articles can range from expository pieces about the profession itself, to more education pieces about a specific disease and what to do about it. Two articles I found to showcase the writing done in my future career are The Evolving Health Care System: The Need for Nursing …show more content…
They offer insight to the current happenings of the professions, keep nurses up to date on new practices, and educate nurses on a multitude of subjects. Although these writings play a large part in this profession, it is not typically the type of writing a nurse would do day-to-day. According to Purdue Owl nurses generally do three types of writing while on the job (Tompkins, E. Tompkins, and Angeli). And they are charting, writing reports, and communication to doctors and patients. While in the field a nurses primary writing tasks are charting, careplans, and narratives (C. Tompkins, E. Tompkins, and …show more content…
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