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Going from high school to college is a big jump. College professors expect the level of performance to be higher than high school teachers. In high school, teachers allow a lot of things to slide by that a college professor would not. The intensity of school work is higher and more effort is required to succeed. While reading the different chapters of Writing in College, I have learned new tips on how to write a more successful essay by learning how to not plagiarize, getting my readers hooked, and how to write a paper more effectively.
One important part in writing essays is to get the reader hooked. The point of an essay is to make the reader be able to know what the paper is about within the first paragraph. College professors want to see
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As long as you turned in your work and did what you are suppose to do you would get credit for it. College is a lot different on the plagiarism aspect. Getting caught in high school for plagiarism is very rare due to the fact that the teachers do not pay enough attention to see it. In college the professors care about every detail in your essays. Plagiarism is a major defense in college. If you are caught plagiarising then you could get kicked out of college. The professors want you to always be doing your own work. When writing essays, it is very important to always write in your own words. It is easy to look on the internet and find something to put in your essay but this is not going to make the next essay you write any better. Once you start plagiarizing you will start to rely on the internet and other essays to copy off of. In the essay, it is very important to always cite where you got your information so you are not trying to take credit for someone else’s work. When quoting a source it is important to always cite the author at the end of the sentence. At the end of the essay you must always have a work cited page so your professor knows exactly where you got all of your information so that there is no suspicion of cheating at all. Another way to avoid plagiarism is to always paraphrase everything that you want to put in your essay that is not your work. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s ideas and taking credit for it. This definition makes it obvious of what the word, “plagiarism” means. Even though plagiarism is against the rules, it is also harming yourself as a learner. If you plagiarize on a whole essay and do not get caught then that is great and you got a good grade, but the next essay you have to write you will struggle with just like the first one because you plagiarized. Every essay that you write makes you a better writer. If you plagiarize then you are

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