Necessity Of Writing

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A scholar may use writing as a way for us to preserve what we learned, for future generations to build off of. A book author will use writing to pull people into the book’s world of mythos and legend. In both cases writing is used to communicate universally with those are not close, it is the best way we as humans have come up with, besides with words, to communicate. But how useful is writing if no one sees it? That’s why we reading is so vital. Reading can help us understand about the writer, the hardships they may have faced when writing. Someone that can’t read, will start to fail to fit into a society. If they are unable to read instructions,directions and informations will miss pass them. Reading provides the vital connection to the …show more content…
Growing up I read about how Harry Potter took on the dark lord along with every other person with the same book. I’m still amazed by that fact, that no matter whichever copy of the book I had someone else had the same book. We were both reading the same story. The same goes for my writing I could write a paper and send it to anywhere for someone other person to read, and even more impressive the same work could still be pursued by another person years or decades later. Much like other I find that writing is an ideal way to communicate and share our thoughts and collect others. Written text connects us to others from anywhere in the world to any place and time later …show more content…
Every language has its own writing rules making it easier for each of use to distinguish our thoughts, we use paragraphs to separate ideas on paper and grammar designed so that everyone used to reading it. In elementary school when I learned to start to write the teacher explained to us that writing was important to share our ideas with other people, for it would help understand the thoughts we had in our thought filled minds. Also she mentioned in order to make it easier for people to navigate what was in our minds we would all learn the same thing. Thus, began elementary school grammar. Since then I have always found it slightly annoying to memorizing all the rules but the end goal was worth all the trouble. The formalities in writing allows someone to talk to someone without need to know them and gives it a style unique to the

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