The Importance Of Writing A Personal Code Of Ethics

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All about Philosophy Webpage
In the webpage All about Philosophy the authors provide an article that is very helpful for individuals who want to write their own personal code of ethics. The article points out that it is extremely important to develop a personal code of ethics because by putting ideas and philosophies in paper, and individual can have their beliefs in something that they can look at whenever they want to remember what they think is the essence of their life. The author or authors of the article say that the creation of a personal code of ethics requires time and work but mainly, it takes thinking and reasoning. According to this webpage, our friends can play and important role when writing our own personal Code of Ethics because
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For me, justice is the key to change the world. There are so many social problems that can attributed to the lack of justice. Therefore, I believe that a when individuals take into consideration justice for any action, they are contributing to the formation a better society. Moreover, I also believe that people should show their values not through speeches or statements but through their actions. Additionally, I believe in the importance of tolerance. Humans come in different personalities and styles, and that is what makes the world so interesting. Hence, we have to learn how to live in peace and respecting each other. In other words, we can do whatever we want to as long as we do not harm others, and that is the purpose, I believe, of applying our codes of ethics. We have to think about the welfare of the others not only about ours. Therefore, our freedom should have limits.
When it comes to make ethical decisions, I believe that our personal code of ethics should be a priority. If we do not take that as a priority, our conscience will not allow us to live a peaceful life. Therefore, when I face an ethical dilemma, I always remember who I am, and how my decision will have certain repercussions in my future, so I adhere to my philosophy of life and my

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