Groundless Personal Needs

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I have always viewed wishes as groundless personal desires that get in the way of completing goals in reality. Wishing for things to happen does not change the situation you find yourself in. If you truly want something done you have to set a reasonable goal and aim to accomplish it. However, this does not mean I do not value wishes. Oftentimes wishes are made from the very essence of our being. They are a combination of our hopes, dreams, and even our most personal goals. Each person, including myself, carries at least one wish whether they realize it or not. These wishes are very significant, for they can change and mold a person in ways humanity can't even begin to imagine. Everything we do is somehow linked back to these desires no matter how outlandish they may be. For example, there are some of us who wish to hold fire as a …show more content…
This is why one cannot simply judge someone else's will without having first walked down a path in their shoes. We are all different people with different hopes and dreams. We all envision a different future and therefore belittle and push aside the desires of others, yet we are all equal. Every single person has walked in the darkness of this world at some point in their life. All of us have feared something in this in this life that has caused us to regret in the future. All of us have lost something we loved which caused us to envelop in hatred and push out the things that matter most. It is because of this fear and hatred that people trample on those around them. I realize that I cannot change human nature, but if I had one wish, it would be to lift the curse that fear has placed on humanity and clear the land of all regret so that people have a chance to move on.
Throughout my life I have met many different people with different goals they seek to accomplish. Some of these people have become my friends and

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