The Importance Of Warfare In Trench Warfare

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During the Great War, spanning from 1914-1918, many Canadian soldiers fought in trenches throughout Europe. The soldiers’ experiences in the trenches was not pleasant, as the food available in the trenches was limited and did not meet the soldiers’ nutritional needs. Many days, soldiers would only be served hard biscuits or tinned corned beef. Additionally, while fighting in the trenches, soldiers suffered from various negative mental and physical conditions such as trench mouth, trench foot, and even body lice. Furthermore, weapons (like gas canisters) used during the Great War were very cruel and could leave one suffering till death. Finally, the trenches were a very unpleasant place to sleep and live, as the muddy earth was littered with …show more content…
Exploding gas canisters were a popular weapon in Trench Warfare. These gas canister would explode letting of poisonous gas out. If the enemy inhaled even the smallest amounts they would begin to cough uncontrollably trying to breathe, until they suffocated. This was very painful and would make soldiers feel as though they are truly “coughing up a lung”. In addition to gas canisters artillery shells would be constantly fired sending shrapnel everywhere. Many soldiers would be wounded due to shrapnel. These wounds would be very painful and would cause soldiers to be taken to hospital if they had not bleed out before being able to be taken away. Depending on where the soldier was wounded they may have to have a leg or arm amputated which was a very dangerous and painful operation as technology was not as advanced as it is now. The shrapnel also caused infections that ultimately killed some soldiers. Furthermore bayonets were also used in trench warfare. The blades on the end of a soldier 's gun were used to stab the enemy at close range. Often times being stabbed by a bayonet would result in a quick death. However in some instance one would survive the initial stab but would be left in pain bleeding out to a slow painful death. Finally, towards the ending of the Great War flamethrowers were developed and used in trench warfare. Flamethrowers were used to kill the enemy at close range by setting them on fire. This would be a very painful death for the soldiers as they burned to death. For those who somehow managed to survive they would be left with significant burns that would be very painful. The weapons used in Trench Warfare during the First World War were inflicted significant pain among the enemy and often resulted in a painful

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