Church Volunteering Essay

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Recruiting a person as a volunteer for a secular event or a church activity or church service depends not only on the person skills but if the individual desire to partake in the event or activity. Sometimes certain people volunteer to serve in the church to help them feel useful and a part of the church family, so they sign up. However, the first element to volunteering is love. This essay will look at the context of the scriptures explaining why some of the volunteers work for the ministry is profitable inside and outside of the church. This paper will also describe the outcome and benefits of having the Body of Christ minister to the people than the pastors. Finally, this paper will conclude with how to recruit and train people to volunteer …show more content…
Ministry is not about volunteering for pats on the back but to exalt God for Jesus and for who He is in the lives of humankind. Darlene Zschech emphasizes, "People can encourage us, motivate us, and build us up, but in the end, we must make an individual decision to keep our hearts loyal only to Him." (158) In other words, a person must be careful not to be deceived through self-praise and praise from others, because those approvals could cause a person to lose the real focus of why they are volunteering. A person volunteers to help the service of the church operate smoothly as well as making the visitors and members feel welcome. Anyone given a talent/gift should use it to serve others to glorify God (I Peter 4:10-11 ESV). As volunteers, believers are helping man to please God. God wants to use the believer/follower to pass on something about Christ to others, such as kindness, joy, warmth, and love. When serving, the work should be done from the heart as if God is present in the flesh knowing that a reward will be received (Colossians 3:23-24 ESV). Every opportunity a person has should treat everyone good especially the people in the household of faith (Galatians 6:10 ESV). When volunteering, no man should

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