The Importance Of Violence In Media

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Register to read the introduction… He tells us what he does not like about the violence in media these days but he does not tell us what his limits are. We do not know what the minimum amount of violence in a movie or TV show is, or if it is okay for shows on stations like HBO or Showtime to show more violence or if he is okay with the law that a certain amount of violence can be shown after 10 PM on normal TV …show more content…
He also singles out one genre of music and makes an incredibly broad statement by saying that any and all rap music is violent when what he should have done is given examples of certain Snoop Lion songs where he talks about shooting up Crips because he is a member of the violent Blood gang. He sets himself up for a great argument throughout this article. He named off his first three out of four main points in the article but doesn’t show any evidence after the claims to support his points. He takes us back to his childhood in an unnecessary time to tell us that back in the day, he and his brother played an outdated version of cowboys and Indians. Which could show how violence in media is easily imitated by anyone but to connect with his more recent audience, he should have a bit more examples under his belt to show the modern, violent world how violence is being effected by media today. He could use Columbine as an example for violence in media being easily imitated because it was a shooting where young kids went to their high school with guns and everyone believed that they were imitating video games that they had been playing. If Peters wants to accurately depict the violence in media today, he should be using examples everyone can relate

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