Essay On Canadian Unity

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Canada is a country with a long history showing how it came to become the great nation that it is today with many values such as independence and unity. Without having these two values in Canada it would be nothing but a bunch of divided territories, another state in America or still a part of Great Britain. Some events that have taken place in history for Canada to coalesce and create its core values were the battle of Vimy Ridge, the 100 Days Battle, Balfour Declaration and Statute of Westminster. It is clear to see that without these events taking place in Canadian history it would not have as great of independence or unity within the country. The two core values are what make up Canada and define what it truly is to be Canadian.

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One of these events was the Quebec 1980 Referendum deciding whether or not to create sovereignty for Quebecers. In this referendum the Parti Quebecois believed that it was in Quebec’s best interest to separate from Canada because the english Canadians were only bringing them down economically and restricting their political power too much. This is an example of how unity between the French Canadians and the English Canadians has been so meager that they were almost at the point of separating into two different countries. Even though there were some opposing views between the two sides when the referendum took the vote it was 60% supporting no separation and 40% supporting the separation. These statistics show that even though the French Canadians did not support some of the views of the English Canadians the people knew that they could not be disunited from the rest of Canada. The 1980 Referendum proves that unity is a core value in Canada and even with all the differences between the provinces the Canadian people could not bring themselves to separate and become independent from the rest of

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