The Importance Of Trusting The Wrong Person In Shakespeare's Othello

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“Backstabbing 101”
Trusting the wrong person in Shakespeare’s Othello Rumors spread everywhere and people always believe in these lies without knowing or try to find out the truth behind them. These lies are emphasized in Shakespeare’s Othello. Even though some people know the person spreading the rumours is lying, they still do not try to expose the truth behind the rumors. In Shakespeare’s Othello the person who spread the lies to others is Iago. When characters trust the wrong person, they tend to overlook logic and reason, which will always lead to a tragedy. Othello’s trust in Iago causes Othello to murder Desdemona, then leading to his own demise. Cassio’s trust in Iago causes Cassio to be revoked of his rank as lieutenant and contribute
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By trusting Iago and not questioning him, Othello murders his wife, and then commits suicide when he learns the truth that Iago was lying. Iago uses false evidence about Desdemona cheating on Othello which persuades Othello to trust Iago. Iago says to Othello: “So loose of soul that in their sleeps will mutter/Their affairs. One of this kind is Cassio. In sleep I heard him say ‘Sweet Desdemona,/Let us be wary, let us hide our loves’” (3.3.474-476). Iago lies to Othello about Cassio that he is dreaming about Desdemona while he is sleeping. Iago and Othello talk about trusting Cassio and how he would not do anything to deceive Iago and Othello. Yet, Iago provides false evidence to Othello saying how at night, Iago hears Cassio dreaming about Desdemona. Iago even tells Othello what exactly Cassio is saying even though it is all lies. This angers and saddens Othello causing this emotions to get the better of him and not using logic to realize that Iago did not provide concrete evidence of Desdemona actually having an affair with Cassio. Othello is not use to people lying to him because he is a general of an army where people do not usually lie in a life death situation. It is because of that Othello full heartedly trust every single one of his men without doubt. It is a very honourable thing as a general, yet it is the reason and the cause of his downfall which makes Othello neglect his senses and murder …show more content…
Cassio believes that Iago is his friend and trusts him enough that he thinks Iago would never try to do anything to harm him. Iago persuades Cassio to drink more alcohol, Cassio is reluctant at first, but obliges because he trusts him. Cassio says to Iago and other gentlemen: “Do not think, gentlemen, I am drunk. This/is my ancient, this is my right hand, and this is my left ” (2.3.117-119). Through singing, Iago is able to convince Cassio to drink more alcohol. Cassio then tries to convince the gentlemen that he is not drunk because he does not want to get into any trouble. However this goes according to Iago’s plan because later Iago makes Roderigo get into a fight with the drunk Cassio who decides to fight back. This causes a ruckus and then Othello comes to find out what is happening. Othello then figures out Cassio is fighting Roderigo and strips him of his rank because of this. If Cassio did not trust Iago to drink another cup of alcohol, he would have made the correct decision to not fight Roderigo and have his rank revoked. Cassio also contributes to Othello trusting Iago’s lies. Othello and Cassio are already trapped in Iago’s plans and Iago uses Cassio to his advantage to convince Othello of his false evidence that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair. Cassio says to Iago, “Alas, poor rogue, I think (i’ faith) she loves me” (4.1.129). At

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