The Importance Of Traditional Education

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Then private school is the basic form of traditional education; there are many other forms of education, which can be divided into rising for children to learn Mongolian or Mongolian school and opened higher education for adults. Song academy private education in ancient history occupies an important position, is worth studying. College has its own set of unique form of regulations related to school teachers and students, and self-study system and free debate. For educational purposes, reading and everyday life the way the rules are clear instructions. Maintain friendly relations a "comrade" type between teachers and students, teaching administration is not very strict, rely mainly on ethics and interpersonal management. Read books teaching …show more content…
“A major reason why certain students do poorly in China is that their skills are ignored. Creativity and critical thinking are seen as objects of western frivolousness” (Ringmar). On the other hand, graduates will face no touch to some extent mature experience, ideals and reality, and work on PubMed concerns, but also make psychological conditions fluctuate and unable to endure the pressure. “China’s education system is now undergoing reforms, aimed in part at lessening the intense pressure it places on young people. One change is to broaden the criteria by which students are selected for universities, moving away from China’s traditional emphasis on simply one test” (Roberts). In recent years about the choice of suicide the phenomenon also occurred. In addition, rapid economic development has led to social division between rich and poor speed, increasing social imbalance, which limits the life in this society who desire to meet a certain extent, people fall into poverty eager to get rich fame, popular public welfare lottery, the recent popularity of social, side reactions impetuous atmosphere in society, and the desire for rich people richer, continuous suction gold, the desire to expand, they do not have a the standard measure of self, self-values not determined, then, between the self-satisfied and not satisfied constantly hovering, the reaction in the university life, the imbalance between students

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