Essay On Ethical Issues In Counseling

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whom I know is lying or who is manipulating the situation, I may struggle to find the solution. I have found it hard to reach out to those who do not tell the truth or twist the truth to change the situation. I find it hard to relate to that individual and I fear that when working with this type of student I will become frustrated and judgmental. Another value that I stand for is having integrity, doing the right thing when no one is watching. This will be a value that I teach to the students in the school and expect from them. If a student has ill intent or possibly being defiant, I may struggle to work with this child. Students who will purposefully do the opposite of what is being requested of them will also be a point of struggle for me. I will have to go beyond my frustrating and thoughts of disapproval to reach the student and find out why he/she may be acting out or lying. It will be important for me to recognize the feelings I may have toward the behavior and not let it influence my relationship and counseling work with the student.
Tough Ethical Issues
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It will be important that I am aware of these views. It is also important that I am aware of how these views will effect how I show up to a counseling session or how I make my decisions. It is my hope to recognize these views in order to minimize the influence they will have when working with students. I find myself to be an open person. I feel it is not my right to control another’s life. Therefore, others are free to think or feel the way they choose and its not my place to tell them their way of thinking is incorrect. I believe that this is strength of mine and it will help me be a good school counselor as I will be able to listen to others views and respect that those are their opinions. Though I have strong opinions about tough ethical issues I try to respect others views in hopes that they will respect

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