Personal Narrative: My Essay In College

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I’m not going to prolong this. I only have 700 words so screw it. College is hard. I’ve been told the first semester is the hardest. It’s an adjustment. So, taking into account I entered college with no work ethic, severe depression, paranoia, and a piss pour sense of self, I would like to say I kicked ass this semester. But whether or not I pass, ultimately isn’t up to me. The professor has the power, and with the flip of a metaphorical switch, they can determine my fate and write it in stone. However, in this one final essay, it is up to me to perhaps swing the odds in my favor. After all, what kind of person would I be if I went down without a fight? Basically, I should pass because I put the upmost effort I had into every piece of content …show more content…
It is how college students survive as a species. I will own up to waiting until the last minute to write my fair share of assignments this semester. But, when I did create a sham of an assignment, I did it with flair. If I waited until the last minute to do something, I did it with style. When I wrote the analytical essay, I worked from four in the afternoon until ten at night. It turned out to be my weakest piece, but I still gave my all. For the first movie review draft, I worked on it for 8 hours straight without stopping. Not once did I write something in an hour, use spellcheck as my only proofing tool and felt shameless turning it in. With me, it was all or nothing. I came into college without having written anything in over a year. Writing made me cringe, and put a bad taste in my mouth. But now, if I were to look back at the first essay I wrote this semester, I wouldn’t doubt I might just vomit. Here I am, writing a 700 word essay in the middle of the day like it’s nothing. Stephanie from a year ago would have deemed that unbelievable, and probably would have called me a …show more content…
As a person, I’ve never handled change well. I had a mental breakdown a couple months into 6th grade, and I fell into an immensely deep depression after I lost my mother. I was kind of expecting something like that to happen this semester, since for a year prior I had not been doing much of anything. Nothing too bad happened, and that surprised me. That’s not to say it has been nothing but smooth sailing though. I’ve still been fighting my mental illness without much rest for the whole semester. But the fact I was able to actually juggle four classes the entire time, and kick ass in every one of them, especially this one, blows my mind.
Sure, I didn’t do the Journal, and maybe I came unprepared most days for not having read what I should’ve. But the point is I gave this class my all. I put my whole self into the work I did, and I bettered myself in the process. On top of all that, I did it all without pushing myself too far. I would say that is worthy of at least passing. But hey, I’m not the one with the metaphorical

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