The Importance Of The Western Frontier In American History In 1893

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What did the historian Frederick Jackson Turner argue about the importance of the western frontier in American history in 1893? a. The western frontier made the United States different from Europe. Correct …show more content…
a. The states of the old Confederacy, which voted Democratic in every election for over seventy years.
What was the outcome of the belief among white southerners that black men were a threat to white women in the South in the late nineteenth century? b. An increase in the number of lynchings of black men in the south. Correct
According to Ida B. Wells, lynching was a problem rooted in a. economics and the shifting of social structure of the South. Correct
President James A. Garfield unwittingly helped the cause of civil service reform when he b. was assassinated by Charles Guiteau, a disappointed office seeker.
What message did Andrew Carnegie promote in his gospel of wealth? c. Millionaires like Carnegie should use their wealth to make society better for all Americans
Which of the following describes the Gilded Age? c. An era marked by personal greed and a corrupt partnership between businessmen and politicians.

Which of the following factors contributed significantly to the astonishing growth in America's urban population between 1870 and 1900? c. European migration to the United States.
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by replacing skilled workers with machines. Correct
Which of the following describes the economic survival of the nineteenth century American working-class family? a. A family's survival depended on every family member working. Correct
The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 was? b. Was unexpected / a plan by socialists to overthrow the government.
What was the main lesson learned by the workers from the Great Railroad strike of 1877? a. They lacked power individually, but might gain it through a union. Correct
What late nineteenth century development did New York City's Brooklyn Bridge symbolize? b. The ascendancy of urban America. Correct

Which groups took part in the February 1892 St. Louis gathering, which evolved the People's Party? c. Framers, union members, and women's leaders Correct
Which issues formed the basis of farmers' dissatisfaction in the late nineteenth century? a. Banking, railroading, and speculation. Correct
Which of the following describes the relationship between Southern Farmers' Alliance and the Colored Farmers' Alliance? b. They disagreed on some issues but worked together on others.

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