Constantine And Augustus: The First Citizen Of Rome

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Augustus and Constantine, both great men, changed the nature of Rome. Using the Many Europes: Choice and Chance in Western Civilization textbook by Paul Dutton, Suzanne Marchand, and Deborah Harkness it can be determined that the true Augusti and forever the “First Citizen of Rome” is Augustus. Through political, spiritual and social reconstruction Augustus saved Rome. The accomplishments of Augustus far outweigh Constantine’s dream. Augustus is the true Augusti and forever the “First Citizen of Rome” because of his political, spiritual and social reconstruction. From his military triumph Augustus received recognition not only from the Roman people, but also the Senate. Augustus used his power for the greater good of Roman and its people. He managed to end the civil wars and transfer the power obtained back to the Senate and people. Through spiritual and social reconstruction, Augustus attempted to restore moral standards in Rome. Augustus restored “eighty-two temples of the gods”(Page 161 Number 20) to resurrect religion in Rome. By restoring public monuments and creating new buildings from his own expenses …show more content…
Constantine as a ruler lacked action. Unlike Augustus, Constantine relied on outside sources to maintain rule in Rome. Constantine by chance found military success after a vision of a religious symbol. In a dream Christ came to him telling him to carry the cross into battle. The following day he replaced the banners with new ones displaying the sign of the cross. He used this symbol with the idea it would offer him protection. With this emblem, Constantine blamed his fortuitous victory on God. “Determined to worship no other god” (Page 194), Constantine gathered the experts of his so-called God to affirm his vision. Constantine’s blind belief in the higher power began to impose upon the Roman

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