The Importance Of The Teacher Skit Into The School Culture

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Topic Question: How does the teacher fit into the school culture?
The school that was visited during third year placement was the Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS). The ASMS opened in 2003 and through its partnership with Flinders University, is responsible for leadership of improvement of science and mathematics education across South Australia. Located on the campus of Flinders University, the school operates in a state of the art building that is designed for the 21st century school. In 2003, the school had an initial enrolment of 165 students in years 10 and 11. Since 2004 the school began to offer a wide range of programs for students in year 12. Students enrolled at the ASMS come from all areas of SA and from a variety
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With large classes of over 35 students ASMS has two teachers at one time in one class. With this the teachers are able to bounce ideas off each other during lessons and with two teachers in the class there is more support for the students so at least all students in the class have had a chance to talk and discuss ideas with the teacher. Each teacher at ASMS takes a different approach to teaching, one might teach the class in a more traditional style i.e. in front of the class like they are giving a lecture.
Another teacher might teach in a group style environment where they would split the class in two small groups and each teacher takes one group for the lesson. But majority of the teachers teach in the self-learning style where the first ten minutes of the class are spent discussing new ideas and introduction to the topic and the rest of the time is allocated to self-learning where the students go off work on the required work that can be accessed from the school’s
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Being at ASMS gave me a different light into what a high school can be, and that lessons don’t have to be taught in the traditional way. I think that the mixing of the interdisciplinary curriculum is a real benefit for the students who enjoy the sciences. Gives them an outlet to learn different theories and learn different ways to explain and express themselves. But I found that with the school’s open style “classrooms” that students can get easily distracted and go off topic, and at times hearing the other classes that are running at the same time is very distracting for the students. I found the two teacher style of teaching at first to be a bit too much for the students and maybe a bit chaotic, but after observing it for the week I was there, I found that the students really respond well to that type of teaching as they can get two different opinions on work from two teachers, and can get access to a teacher at any time. Although sometime the two teacher style can be a negative as one teacher would take charge of the class while the other teacher sits at the back of the class doing

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