The Importance Of The Real Life Journalism

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Journalism today has changed in many ways. The invention of the Internet has opened up more opportunities for writers to write about issues that are important to them. They can now reach a wider audience and share their ideas with many more people. Articles are now available as print media, online articles, documentaries and news broadcasts. The advent of social media has now given ordinary people the opportunity to not only listen to the news and learn but to contribute their own opinions. Stories that go viral on social media are now being shown on mainstream news channels and websites. There are now more avenues to a career in journalism than just traditional education. A debate between the real life journalism practices and journalism …show more content…
It is also favorable for a journalist to be naturally curious and interested in news and current event. Most assignments will be done alone but it is important to be able to work well both alone and with a team. Job duties could include finishing a writing assignment in a short amount of time, interviewing different kinds of people, networking, and fact checking new stories for fairness and accuracy. Unfortunately, jobs for reporters and correspondents are decreasing, although jobs for photographers are increasing. The decline is largely due to loss of revenue from advertisements in radio, newspapers, and television. Naturally, because of the decline more traditional forms of journalism have strong job competition. Experience in multimedia journalism, including web design and coding, may improve job prospects. Locally, there are many news outlets in the Kansas City metropolitan area including magazines like The Kansas City Star and The Kansas City Globe, and local television station KCTV-5 but there is still much competition as Kansas City is the second largest media market in Missouri after St.

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