Curation Journalism Case Study

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The development of information and communication technology to some extent has changed the way journalists do their tasks. Today, formats and techniques in online journalism work are very diverse and still developing. There are some trends brought up by the practitioners such as interactive multimedia, live blogging reports and digital newspapers. Amongst these new media practices, there is one journalistic format that is known in journalism studies as ‘curation journalism’.
The term curation is usually connected to the activities in collecting or exhibiting the work of art. However, in this era of new media, it is observed that the term is also applicable in online journalism work, where the role of journalist in this case can be compared with the work of a curator in a museum. This particular practice is mentioned as curation journalism since it involves the process of gathering a variety of information as raw materials from spread sources - in this case: found over postings on social media - which are then compiled into a structured story (Guerrini, 2013, pp. 7-9; Knight, 2013, pp. 121-122).
The term curation is never explicitly mentioned by the media; however, the practice itself can be actually found in international online networks such as BBC, CNN, The Guardian and The Telegraph.
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The model of case study I am taking for this research is based on the explanations of Robert E. Stake (2005). Even though Stake states that case studies are not always qualitative (Stake, 2005: p. 443) in the sense that it could be done through a quantitative approach in positivism paradigm, his version of the case studies is very much close to the qualitative research. This selection is also made to consider the significance of the research, which is to enrich the information about the meaning of social media that is constructed in the context of the communication culture (Wibowo, 2011: p.

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