The Importance Of The Pursuit Of Knowledge

In something as abstract and purposeful as the pursuit of knowledge, individuality plays a critical part in the process. The knower, or the person who is seeking knowledge, must interpret any given facts or experiences into a consolidated piece of knowledge which would then become part of their bank of personal knowledge. However, any knowledge which is presented to any particular knower is interpreted and processed differently before it can be accepted as such on an individual level. For example, a person who lives in an autocratic, isolated country such as North Korea might view the idea of democracy completely differently than a person in the Western world would. That is not to say that any of the two views on one idea-democracy-is more correct than the other, but rather that both cultures view the same thing differently and thus would likely extract different definitions of what knowledge on the subject entails. These different views represent the difference in perspectives which exist for knowers everywhere which are formed starting from …show more content…
It is extremely beneficial for any knower to be cognizant of the fact that other perspectives do exist besides their own, no matter how strongly they may feel, and that those different views, when considered with one’s own personal knowledge, can lead to the creation of a knowledge network in which bias and personal opinions can be diminished somewhat. This leads to greater fulfillment in the pursuit of knowledge, as all the different aspects of a specific piece of knowledge which exist and its repercussions in the global community are considered and formulated into a mutual

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