The Influence Of Media On Politics

The media has a significant purpose in the shaping of the public opinion. In politics, for instance, it is a critical component since candidates seeking elective posts often know the influence that the media holds especially in campaign rallies. That is why statistics shows that candidates usually win the US presidential elections with a robust media mechanism in place because the media builds the reputation and the public image of the contestant. In the absence of the media, a majority of individuals would remain uninformed (Eissler, Russell, & Jones, 2014). Every time, millions of activities that occur are reported over TVs, radios, magazines and newspapers hence the media constantly updating the citizens. In many government structures, the three branches of government are usually the executive, judiciary and the legislature. However, the media is seen as the 4th government branch since it informs the citizens about the …show more content…
The power of the media, especially the news media, is influential. The media can set a nation’s agenda by shaping it. It influences the citizens of a country to focus their attention on vital public matters by using its immense power. The media’s power is demonstrated by its ability to enable people to acquire essential information relating to public affairs. The media has become important to citizens who have become attached to it. The media can thus use its influence to set the agenda for the citizens of a country since it captures their attention. The media can create issues that may change public opinions (Eissler, Russell, & Jones, 2014). Studies by social scientists regarding the agenda-setting power of the mass media established that the issues that often receive the public always mention more coverage. On the other hand, issues that receive light media coverage are seldom talked about or are even not spoken at

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