Great White Shark Essay

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What is the one of the most feared animals to roam the deep wide oceans? In case you did not know, the answer to that, it is the Great White Shark. Not only are they the most feared but they are also the most dangerous if mad. They can grow up to 20 ft long and weigh 5000 lbs. Their torpedo shaped bodies and very strong and powerful tails help this animal to reach up to almost 15 mph; which is very fast considering how heavy they are. If they were to lose their tail and stop swimming they would die because of the lack of the oxygen getting into their gills. These unique animals are ,as you probably already know, are consumers and carnivores. They love to feed on things like smaller sharks, sea lions, seals, and even small whales sometimes. …show more content…
While their niche in the ocean is to kill and eat, its a very important niche. Great white sharks and pretty much all sharks go for the weaker and sick prey so they won't have to work hard. By doing that they leave the healthy and efficient fish to reproduce and pass their healthy and efficient genes. Sharks not only maintain other species but also serves as indicators of how healthy a part of the ocean is. If there are no sharks in an ecosystem then there would be no regulators to kill bad fish and overpopulation among other species would occur. Normally the Great White tends to spend its time alone and avoiding contact even though they are not territorial animals. But when they do come together it's call a shoal. As I said before, they are very adaptable to all the waters of the world and all the seasons. This is mainly because they can regulate their body temperature. They have heat exchangers around the brain, stomach, and swimming muscles which lets them function normally in waters to cold for other sharks to swim in. These massive, eerie, and powerful animals rule the oceans they live in. Feared by many and fearful of nothing they follow the footsteps of their ancestors the Megalodon and Mako sharks. Very hard to take down and even harder for a human to come in contact with them. A big misconception about The Great White is that it hunts for humans, which is

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