The Importance Of The First Mind Maps

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The first mind map I want to talk about is the triangle of well-being. This mind-map presents an idea that the mind, brain and relationships are a part of a triangle. By the mind, we mean awareness, intention, insight, and focused attention. By brain we mean the extended nervous system throughout our bodies. By relationships we mean interactions with people, most importantly: parents, friends, teachers and the community. The main idea promoted by the triangle of well-being is that the three vertices all influence each other, and therefore coevolve. In other words, the vertices make up a system. Note that until fairly recently it would be preposterous to say that mind and relationships can physically affect the nervous system.
The first of my goals for this quarter is to become healthier. The two behaviors that I am using to achieve this goal are eating well and on time, and consistent frequent physical exercise. I have found the triangle of
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I think a lot about my long-term personal goals and when I set them, they become very rigid. On the other hand, I handle changing circumstances, by allowing for chaos in the ways I achieve these long-term goals. This helps me by making me both more efficient and happier. However, this balance can become off after I spend too much time close to the one of the river’s borders. Sometimes, I do not assign my short-term goals well, have too much free time that I do not end up using well. In such cases I drift into chaos, and it is so hard to get back on track. Usually after this phase comes a phase of complete short-term rigidity that is needed, so that the long-term goals are achieved on time. I need to learn how to resist both chaos and rigidity, as they can both be very inviting and counterproductive, when without balance. For me it is challenging to always be flowing in the river of integration and avoid getting trapped by chaos or

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