The Importance Of The First Lady In Michelle Obama's Speech

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Presidents of the United States are treated as the first man of the nation, and their wife is suppose to be the first lady of this nation, hence the term First Lady. First Ladies are meant to present themselves with poise and honesty in order to present herself as the woman that stands by her husband and the citizens of the United States; however, can such a Lady of high status be known to lose her beauteous prestige for committing literary theft? Melania Trump, a naturalized
American who is now the current First Lady of the United States, is known to commit such an act for saying her speech at the 2016 Republican National. It was a speech to convince others that her Republican husband is a worthy leader of becoming the new President of the United
States. She
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She informs them that “instead of heading to Wall Street,” he placed his focus on the low to middle class neighborhoods, mainly in Chicago (Obama 3). A feature worth mentioning within speeches is how orator delivers his or her words, and their use of communication skills, such as body language, and eye contact.
Michelle speaks her words clearly, and she looks at every side of her audience. Her utilization of body language shown a number of times, mainly in certain parts of her speech. Her hand gestures are made when she teaches her audience an ideal mentality of what America should have, and the industrious work Barack has done to preserve the citizens living in Chicago and show that he will treat the same mentality for all of the United States. Michelle also speaks about her experience in public work after she separated from her profession in law, for she “tried to give back to this country that has given [her] so much” (Obama 5). Both of these details display the
Smith 3 appeals of ethos in her speech. By Michelle describing the labor the political couple has done

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