The Importance Of The Common Core State Standard Initiative

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For years, every citizen of the United States of America has heard the disappointing statistic that its education system is failing compared to other top worldwide competitors. Governmental programs have initiated programs to fight this growing epidemic, such as the No Child Left Behind Act and Race to the Top plans. Yet there is a “widespread alarm in the United States about the state of our math education” along with English Language arts. With the hope of America bettering their education system becoming more and more like an unreachable dream, The Common Core State Standard Initiative was enacted. Its plan is to “ensure that all students graduate from high school with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and …show more content…
Nonetheless, the standards do not “provide a clear and consistent framework” depending on location and demographics of the school. It is merely common knowledge that schools that traffic middle to upper-class students perform better academically than students who come from lower-income households. The Common Core Initiative has widened this gap even more so than it has been in past years. If the initiative is “based on rigorous content,” then states with higher standards will “have to accept lower standards” while lower performing schools must raise their standards. This is a disservice to the “working class and poor children” that are being “left behind” more so than ever before. The new state standard tests “set the bar so high that most students were sure to fail,” and many did. This not only affects the students, but it results in teachers being judged on test grades just as much as their students. Causing them to lose their jobs, or simply move to another school with higher-performing students. This system is failing the those with disadvantages and benefitting those with advantages. The standards are being compared “to standards in other countries,” yet the United States still tests students more than any other country in the world. Schools are being valued based on which number is next to their name on a chart. Educators jobs are constantly on the line depending on their student’s test scores. Children are being left to fend for themselves because their worth is determined by the percentage that appears on their computer screens after they click

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