Workplace Vs Alternative Workplace

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The traditional workplace is where you typically work inside. The inside workplace consisted of a cubical, inside office, and/or office tower. The times have changed and we are going towards an alternative workplace. A lot of companies are fitting their workplace to be able to move towards the alternative workplace. I will explain the need for alternative and innovation workplaces versus the traditional workplace.

The alternative workplace allows an employee to work from anywhere. The technology changes over the last few years have made the alternative workplace a possibility. The technology that is mainly used is a portable laptop, smartphone, Wifi, computer security, VPN, and the Cloud. The alternative workplace is a cost reduction for a lot of companies. The alternative workplace allows the employee to spend less time and energy of the typical office routines and more attention for the customer. The alternative workplace allows a company to have an incentive to keep a highly talented and motivated employee. The alternative workplace uses telecommuting and home offices as the main alternative workplace.
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The first item is that US workers are struggling to work efficiently. The survey talked about needing to provide effective focus space. This can be accomplished according the to the survey by functionality plus quality of primary space. This can be accomplished by having satisfactory noise level and the look and feel against functionality. The second item is effective workplace balance focus and collaboration. The drivers of balance in the workplace can do this. This driver of balance is done by the proximity plus the availability of alternative space. This can be accomplished by providing meeting space and have in office amenities. The third item is to drive innovation through choice. Drivers of choice do this. Creating a variety of spaces, the right tools, and providing the office policies can accomplish

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