The Importance Of Television Coverage

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Television Coverage: Scott O’Brien
It is estimated that there are 109.6 million televisions that a child spends an average 4 hours a day watching television (Huston &Wright, University of Kansas). This accounts for children spending more time watching television than any other activities (including sleep). The children in this study were 7 to 17 years of age, which is an impressionable age. Since they are spending so much time watching television, one may infer that they are learning about sex and sexual thoughts from television. In fact, sources ( report 62% of television and movies promote that children have sex when they are young and 77% of parents say there is too much television promoting sex before marriage. Children in this age group which represents a very important stage in development are watching television for 4 hours a day. As they
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In one episode, Peter Griffin (the main character) walks into the kitchen to talk to his wife. With a sad look on his face he says “Lois I was sexual harassed at work today.” She responds, “You can’t be sexually harassed.” Then they laugh about how men can’t be sexual assaulted. The daughter says she has been sexually assaulted at school and both parents brush it off as they always do. It is scary how much misinformation the episode reveals. First, they imply that men cannot be sexually harassed because as Peter Griffin states “we like it. In fact, men can get assaulted. They are also less likely to report sexual assaults because they are scared people will judge them or not believe them because of this stereotype. Secondly, the two parents did not do anything when their daughter said she was assaulted. This is also scary because viewers watching this may be afraid to ask for help because they feel that they could be skipped over or ignored (like the daughter). Sexual assault is a very serious issue that should not be made

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