The Importance Of Symbolism

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It is commonly known that colors are just wavelengths of light at different frequencies being reflected off everything and our brain reads it as colors, however it is not commonly known that colors can cause emotional responses in our bodies. There are two different stimulators that change the way people react to color and they are either by the color symbolism taught by the culture of the person or the past personal interaction with it. So consequently colors can have more than one effect or meaning and amount of a response according to different situations, but most colors do average to have a similar effect on everyone.
Take black and white for an example in a cultural aspect. The color black in some countries symbolizes mourning but in
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There are always those colors only seen during the time of year like red orange in fall with the leaves changing colors, pumpkins and Halloween. These colors have a lot of symbolism in them and cause individuals to associate them with things, objects, or physical space (Kaya). The connection of the color to the object causes individuals to remember things and that causes the emotional response. This is a huge factor for why people feel different during alternate times of the year. This goes with color schemes like red and green which usually are put together in Christmas time or orange and black for Halloween. When these colors are seen together they instantly trigger thoughts and memories of that time of year which can change …show more content…
It is a common color painted on the walls of any given room, especially in schools and hospitals. White is a very plain color that goes with almost all colors and is considered a compilation of all colors by definition. However, the color white is not a good color for a classroom, or any room for that matter that you would want to get work done in. Imogen Lamport, a Melbourne-based member of the Association of Image Consultants International says, “Too much white can be clinical and cold and head-to-toe white says, ‘I’m not doing any work because I don’t want to get dirty’ so it can be off-putting” (qtd. in Marinos). Therefore having a white classroom is not good for the students and could cause less work to be accomplished. On the other hand white could be good in a hospital room with touches of light blue for a combined healing and peacefulness

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