Super Power Research Paper

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Imagine watching everyone around you moving slowly or barely moving, while you move around them at your normal everyday pace. This could be achieved with a super power like super speed.Super speed allows you to do basically anything you want, travel lengthy distances in seconds, being able to doa huge amount of activities in short periods of time and you'd basically be unbeatable in any kind of combat.

But the super speed I'm talking about would include some side effects in your body as well, but before moving on to that, how fast would you be? The super speed I'm talking about would allow you to travel at the speed of light; you'd be able to endure such speed as you'd also have enhanced stamina, agility and durability. Also you'd move at light speed, granting you the abilities of superhuman reflexes and thinking at the speed of light. Probably the best side effect would be your accelerated healing factor. You'd basically become someone really hard to kill, as a matter of fact unbeatable.

A speedster would never have to fear a battle or an assault again. You'd basically be faster than any bullet shot by whichever weapon man has created, and if by some case
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For many, the best super power is actually the one, who could do a major change in its society and it is in this area where super speed falls short for many. However, the impact a super power like super speed can have in its society depends completely on its user. Depending on how the user makes use of his super speed, is how much of an impact super speed is going t have a society. A super power like this one, could easily solve many armed conflicts, fight crime, save people from accident and the list can go on and on. Bottom line is, any super power can benefit society greatly, depending on how the user makes use of

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