The Importance Of Success And Education

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Paper 5 In today’s world, nothing is more important than the success and education of our youth. Without it, our nation as a whole would surely amount to little if not nothing at all. Their decisions and future achievements are huge factors that indirectly affect the way our country develops. That’s scary to think about. Right? Well luckily enough for us, we have highly skilled and trained educators set in place to help the students of today achieve all they are capable of and more. Since the dawn of time although, in many cases educators, or better yet teachers, have all struggled with a very similar difficulty. That being that children don’t always have the will to learn and achieve in school. To cope with this all too real problem, a handful …show more content…
In turn, this limits their potential success as they aren’t even seen capable of doing the easiest of work. To help with this all too common issue educators need to initiate some form incentive. A safe and very possible form of this is through the process of rewarding students for a job well done. The possibilities for rewards are truly endless as long as the educator is presenting the student with some form of appreciation. This could be money, food, or even a toy. The one receiving the reward will see their hard work is being noticed and only excel beyond where they currently are. In many schools today a simple grade on a paper is often meaningless and unconcerning to a student as they simply don’t care. More often than not a C on a paper means just as much as an A. If schools set the goals higher for students and offer rewards for better standards of work, they will almost definitely see an increase of dedication and commitment surrounding grades. A great example of this is in the article “Paying students for grades” where author Deangelo McDaniel presents a situation in an Alabama school where students placed in advanced placement classes receive 100 dollars on entry. This offer is set in place to expand and increase the size of the classes being offered. McDaniel states “This year, the school has 139 students in five Advanced Placement courses. With the grant, the goal is to increase participation to 279 students and add two more courses.” This quote greatly backs the fact that students are much more willing to take on harder tasks and classes if they are being rewarded for their actions. If schools nationwide followed in this school’s footsteps its almost undeniable that they would see an increase in participation and hard work. Grades are made out to be such an

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