How To Write A Reflective Essay On Student Diversity

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Being an inner city student for most of my elementary school years, I had never actually been introduced to or recognized student diversity because back then I didn 't really need to. I had an african american teacher and majority of the students were african american. I felt comfortable in all situations because I could find someone who was “ like me”. Fast forward a few years later, that was no longer the case. Moving to Woodbury was a culture shock. No longer did I feel that certain comfortability that I’d always felt in the city school. I now was the minority.Classes usually have about 3-4 minority students in a class of about 20. In classes I usually felt alone or like I only could have friends who were “like me” because those were the only type of friends I had ever known. …show more content…
This of course excited me because for me that meant more people I could connect to and share what i felt like was a struggle , with. Although I was excited about the change, it only forced me to begin to notice the lack of diversity in the faculty of the schools I had attended. By the time I had reached fourth grade I’d already had 3 minority teachers but when I moved I hadn 't had a single one until 10th grade. This lack of diversity caused me to question why I saw little faculty of color? This is not only a problem in the suburbs but a problem countrywide. Although it has increased throughout the years it still in a major problem in education. Lack of diversity in the teacher workforce is troubling for reasons being: students of color do not have an example of a teacher of color which causes them to be less likely to pursue the career, all students are more likely to receive a diverse educational teaching and lastly students are more likely to succeed if the have a mentor who shares their

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