Reflective Essay: Strategies To Improve My Writing

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As I reflect upon the three essays assigned in RWS 200, I realize the countless strategies that I learned to help improve my writing. My improvement can be seen chronologically among the papers. The strategies that were most effective in my writing were, ATCC, rebuttal, and evaluations.
Essay #1 and essay #3 emphasized the importance of the credibility of our sources. My topics, arming teachers and vegetarianism, were controversial so there were many articles about them that supported my arguments. However, most of these articles came from sources that lacked credibility. The process of sifting through articles was frustrating, but it helped me realize how useful the aspects of credibility can be within an essay. The author, title, claim, and credibility, or ATCC add an entirely new element to the paper that is
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This comparison was one of the most powerful points within the paper. After pointing out the difference in credibility, the use of quotes from the opposing sides backed up my argument more because the quotes from Anderson seemed less plausible. In this essay, I focused more on the author’s credibility and tone but it seemed more analytical and less argumentative. However, by essay #3 I was able to quickly discuss credibility and use it to support my own argument. In my third essay, about vegetarianism, I used sources from medical journals, so my ATCC was more straightforward. However, these sources were written to an audience of scientists and researchers on the topic, so choosing quotes that did not include monotonous numbers and facts became tougher. One of these sources was about a case study of a man whose health issues were alleviated by the conversion to vegetarianism. This was, in my opinion, the most effective source of my paper because it focused on a man’s life and therefore became more relatable than my other sources of just facts and statistics. This taught me that credibility does not have to coincide

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