Steroids In Society

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In today’s society, people have a sick obsession over appearance, aggressively attempting to change their look to conform to today’s society, with some taking extreme lengths to achieve that goal. Society’s obsession with looks is further agitated by TV shows that showcase plastic surgery being done on teens to look like celebrities (BLUM 842). It should never be acceptable to showcase obsessions that could promote the same in other people, because everyone should accept the way they look. Unfortunately high school students also have insecurities themselves, to the point where some students take steroids to try to improve their body image (PETROCELLI 793). Our society today promotes a sick mindset, where students are left vulnerable and susceptible …show more content…
Steroids are addictive, users believe that you can never be too big, and that if you can get big doing one cycle, you can be even bigger with the next cycle of drugs (PETROCELLI 796). People shouldn’t have to take steroids to improve their physique, there are long term negative effects of taking steroids, and the short term goals never outweigh them, especially since steroids can be addictive. Another example of drug addiction are anti-depressants, or “Happy Pills” which have many side effects, and are highly addictive, but are prescribed frequently because people are constantly misdiagnosed with frequent anxiety and depression which is actually just every day stress. (PIETERS 756). It’s unfortunate that frequent misdiagnosis and desire for the latest and greatest drug can lead to drug addiction in those who might not actually need them. “The same gateway effect has been found in mature steroid users. Specifically, adult use was significantly associated with higher rates of psychotropic drug use and overall substance dependence, particularly with opiates” (PETROCELLI 793). Steroids can be a gateway drug that can lead to addiction of more hardcore drugs, and should be avoided for that very reason. Public portrayal of psychotropics as addictive and/or dangerous drugs are that way for a reason, the past has proven that drugs of this nature are highly addictive, although new drugs of this type are being developed most of them are still addictive (PIETERS 756). Psychotropic drugs are a necessary evil, some people need this class of drugs because they are unable to find happiness without it, on the other hand it is incredibly addicting. Unfortunately drug addiction is caused by several different factors, from depression to lack of self-esteem, resulting in people resorting to drugs, but a common cause of these may be unhappiness with themselves in one way or

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