Analysis Of Believing Is Seeing By Judith Lorber

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Modern society dictates people’s lives. Society tells people how they should function in every aspect of their lives. Society tries to kill people’s originality. Society destroys the diversity in the world and sets men up for failure. In “Believing is Seeing” by Judith Lorber, she tells her audience how society would change if people did not categorize themselves with limiting labels. What Lorber reveals to her readers helps to explain what Petrocelli says in his article “Getting Huge, Getting Ripped”. Lorber and Petrocelli try to show the readers the impact society has on the world and the consequences that come with that influence. Society sets unreachable expectations for men. In general, men have a bigger build than women.The problem occurs …show more content…
Society mandates standards without giving men the instructions to succeed. Society sets people up for failure and devastation. Men and women alike strive for the latest and greatest bodies, all the while about to fail. “... Bodies differ in many ways physiologically, but they are completely transformed by social practices to fit into the salient categories of a society…” (Lorber 728). Lorber knows that the culture has a major influence over people’s minds and actions. They look to their heroes for instruction on how to act, talk, dress and think. They do the workouts, go on the diets, and stay healthy, but this does not work. “In stark contrast to the motivations espoused by adolescent, collegiate athletes, or professional steroid users, we found that frustration seems to be a primary motivator for the recreational steroid user” (Petrocelli 757). These men work hard and do everything right, however, they do not see the improvement that they see in the magazines. Lorber reveals that society influences people beyond belief, which explains why men would do anything to have the “perfect” body. As these men use steroids, they start getting bigger and more muscular. Since steroids work, men do not stop using …show more content…
Namely, there is evidence to suggest that these steroid users are significantly more likely to use other illegal drugs… tobacco, and alcohol. Moreover, addictive and compulsive behaviors relating to gambling, vehicular risk taking, sexual activity, and violence have been reported. (Petrocelli 755)
Lorber helps explain the actions that Petrocelli says men do. Petrocelli tells his readers that taking steroids usually leads men to other, more dangerous drugs. Society not only leads men to steroids, but also leads them to many more problems. Lorber and Petrocelli reveal to their readers how society influences men and lead them down the road of devastation. Lorber and Petrocelli work together to show their readers that society influences everyone in uncontrollable ways. Society today tells men that they need to dress, act, and look a certain way. If men do not accomplish these tasks, society more than frowns upon them. This pushes men to steroids because they realize that they will not accomplish their goals legally. Steroids have disastrous effects on men. Not only do steroids harm them in many ways physicallyOne of these effects is that it leads men to even more harmful drugs. Lorber and Petrocelli try to show their readers that the society can ruin people’s

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