The Importance Of Sports And Sports

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With the young people being in sports and afterschool activities this reduces the crime rate. Sports and activities give the young people an identity, empowerment and helps youth establish leadership, teamwork, and self-governance skills. They get a lot out of sports and keep them occupied with something positive and beneficial to their future. 7.8 billion Kids participated in high school sports since 2013-2014. Communities with high count of youth being involved with sports have seen lower incidence of crime, which leads to a decrease in youth arrest by 71%.
Being associated with sports can also reduce drug and alcohol abuse. For example, if teens smoke (weed, cigarettes, etc.) they are more likely to quit. This demonstrate that sport and
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According to an article written by Colin MacDougall and Margaret Cameron says that with careful planning sport and academic activities have crime prevention potential. Sport and physical activity can have long-term benefits in the social development of young people. Like as stated before it can help prevent drugs abuse, alcohol abuse, and gang affiliation. It may also have immediate outcomes police and communities may witness an immediate benefit that coincides with the duration of the sporting or physical activity. Communities may see improvement with all the youth being off the street not causing mischief or violent acts of crime. Indeed, reported levels of assault, malicious damage, receiving or selling stolen goods, shoplifting goods, break and enter, or motor vehicle theft may drop. The benefits of sport and physical activity may vary from one social setting to another. There might different results depending on the community. When high schools have strong interscholastic sports participation rates, they report lower levels of major crime and fewer suspensions, according to a new University of Michigan study. Students who participate more in sports and activities help reduce crime rates, Also, as stated by the American Academy of Children and Adolescents Psychiatry letting the children be in academic activities like sports and clubs can help reduce the risk of their child being in a gang. That reason is …show more content…
For some young people, this support comes in the form of team sport such as netball or basketball. Participation in sport and physical activity provides a sense of belonging, it brings young people together, and is a place to learn about access to services for their needs. When they are alone outside nobody gives them any care, so they resort to stealing or shoplifting. They need that type of acknowledgement to get through their “rough” patch. The program has not been evaluated for crime prevention outcomes. As far as concerned with the homeless youths off in a better environment this helps them into not getting into trouble with the

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