What Is Social Cohesion

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These days, life is more individualistic than ever before. People are focused on themselves and on making money. They work, make money and are exhausted when they get home. This happens day after day. There is no time to socialize with neighbours, to visit the lonely man at the corner or to clean up the front yard and the sidewalk. People become individualistic robots with no sharing emotions and thoughts. This all doesn’t improve the liveability. In this essay you will get to know why it is so important to keep in touch with your neighbours. Especially in this time, where so many different trends are happening.
Many (different) trends today have the same underlying answers. In particular, the importance of social cohesion to improve
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And this has big impact on our society. This does not only affect the economic growth and leads to rising rates of crime and violence, but a lot of people are increasingly living away from each other, literally and figuratively. This affects the relationship between people and has a negative influence on social cohesion. Socially isolated people die two or three times as fast compared with people with a network of social relationships and sources of emotional and instrumental support (Ichiro Kawachi, 1997). Social connection has something to do with your wellbeing. People with a big social network are happier and both physically and mentally healthier (Wildevuur, 2012). Social isolation is one of the results of income equality. It increases the chance of a poor health and loneliness. A permission to feel good is to be connected with other people and with your neighbourhood. This leads to an improved wellbeing. However, when this connection is missing, as a result of the income equality, the risk of physical and psychological symptoms increase. So social cohesion possibly reduces the gap between rich and poor and ensures that people are going to live together again and, most importantly, improves people’s …show more content…
As a result of aging there is more loneliness and more people have wellbeing issues. Social cohesion may resolve loneliness and improve the wellbeing of older people by giving people power, because they know someone is there for them who want to help. This is why it is so important for older people to keep in touch with their neighbours and other helping people.
Besides this, there is a urgent need to restore connections in our society. This is because there is a visible lack of solidarity. We have to restore this solidarity and meet and trust each other and we need to be in contact where we listen, talk and see each other. The consciousness of being part of a society needs to come back. This consciousness manifests in social cohesion and social cohesion brings back the solidarity and the trust in our society.
Finally, we are dealing with income equality. The gap between rich and poor people is growing. It makes us live in different groups and has adverse effect on our health. Social cohesion may reduce this gap and makes us live together again and, the most important, improves our wellbeing.
So, the society has an underlying answer for most of the trends and additional problems: have social contacts and a bond with your neighbourhood. It is social cohesion what improves the quality of your

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