There Is A Theme Of Sin In Genesis 1-11

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When God created humans, he had a purpose in mind for us, he didn’t create us to just be a random clump of cells with no purpose in life. In the stories throughout Genesis 1 – 11, we see that God is infinite and has no limits, he is all things good and he bring order and direction to our lives. God gives us a reason and purpose and can guide us on how to act. Throughout life we make choices and they can either bring us closer to god or on the other hand strain our relationship with God through sin. Known from salvation history, God is always offering a relationship with us and wanting to be close with us. When we say yes to be in a relationship with God we are trusting that he has a greater plan in mind for our life. With this relationship, …show more content…
From the very beginning God told Adam and Eve not to eat from a certain tree, but a serpent makes them doubt God. “But the snake said to the woman: ‘You certainly will not die! God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, who know good and evil’” (Genesis 3:4). The serpent made Eve doubt that God was looking out for Adam and Eve and trying to give them everything they need. This is a prime example of sin because Eve is putting her own judgement and reasoning above God’s which is a renunciation that God is the creator and all-knowing. This strains the relationship between the first humans and God showing how sin can affect relationships; however, in the same way it shows us how God acts towards us and about the divine-human relationship. God wants to save us and guide us towards telos and becoming a better person. Sometimes humans make mistakes, but with Genesis 1 -11 we see that because the book’s purpose is showing us God’s salvation history we know God still wants to save us. God acts lovingly by giving Adam and Eve everything they need, they the humans disobey, and God punishes them by banishing them from the Garden, then God acts mercifully towards the humans forgiving them for their sins. This cycle is shown throughout many stories especially in Genesis 1 -11. Adam and Eve deny what they have previously been told by God and eat from the forbidden tree anyway. This teaches us that humans were made originally to be very good and free from sin, but the world is not perfect and we live in a world of sin so even the first two people on the planet sin. Adam and Eve are given freedom by God to choose how they act. They have a choice to have God guide them on how to act towards telos or they can trust themselves more than God and take matters into their own hands and sin. Sin is the denial of reality that God is the creator and he has a plan for us. God gives our life order and when

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