The Importance Of Significant Events In My Life

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Earlier in the semester of my sociology class there was a journal essay assigned. The assignment was to write about what significant events in my life shaped me into the person I am today. Most of the events I wrote about involved my persistence for topics about school and how I overcame such challenging obstacles throughout my life to get where I am today. Other topics included the relationship with my parents and mentors in my life that helped me define myself and grow thicker skin. If these people were not there to support me then I would not have been able to get through the tough situations I faced throughout life so far. In addition, my parents always provided for me financially throughout my studies making sure I had the best possible …show more content…
The cultures in the United States and other industrialized countries value achievement and success more than other cultures. Education in the United States is perceived to be the golden ticket into changing your social class. It is very difficult to not have a job or career if you graduated college as opposed to someone that dropped out of high school. Henslin states the statistics, “1 of every 4 people who drop out of high school is poor, but only 3 of 100 people who finish college end up in poverty.” Henslin asserts that culture in the United States values mostly the following things: achievement and success, individualism, hard work, efficiency and practicality, science and technology, material comfort, freedom, democracy, equality, group superiority, education, religiosity, and romantic love. After reflecting upon Henslin’s statements, I would say my family is very driven and fond of most of the values listed above. If someone is born into a culture, you will most likely value the same values that the culture has already …show more content…
I could only complete these goals mostly with the help from my mentors. I have the free will to do what I want without feeling like there are boundaries that trap me in and restrict me from following my dreams. Another aspect I learned about is the glass ceiling pertaining to women in the work force. According to Henslin, the glass ceiling is the “mostly invisible barrier preventing women from reaching the executive suite.” The glass ceiling guarantees no matter how hard I work that I will be paid less than a man doing the same job. There are a few women that reach through the cracks of the glass ceiling. These women “are highly motivated individuals with a fierce competitive spirit”(Henslin). According to Henslin, “The pay gap is so great that United States women who work full time average only 72 percent of what men are paid. The pay gap used to be even worse. A gender pay gap in pay occurs not only in the United States but also in all industrialized nations.” I am glad to say despite knowing this information I still strive for better and wish to one-day reach through the cracks of the glass ceiling. I also hope that there will be equality amongst the

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