Arguments Against Sex Education

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Sexuality education is perceived as one of the most controversial issue in terms of child health. As a result, there are several reasons explaining why sexuality education does not stand special importance and be applied widely in some typical oriental countries. First and foremost, there are no common agreements in delivering sexual health orientation (Clarke, 2010).Actually, many workshops have been organized to offer solutions, especially with the participation of national and international experts (Quynh Nguyen,2015). However, in fact, sex education for children is still not as effective as expected because of various restrictions on the contents, programs and teaching methods(Quynh Nguyen,2015). Sex education programs are integrated into …show more content…
Firstly, raising awareness relating to the important roles of sexuality education in many levels is a strongly based solution. It then indicates that there should be more proper and strategic policies and programs to help everyone well perceived about sexual health. They could be from a national or community strategies. Ideally, through analysed research and clear operational plan, it will help delivering the knowledge of sex education to all partner contributions such as parents, family and friends(Clarke,2010). Particularly, is is essential for young people know about this issue at an appropriately early age, in the adolescent age group (Clarke,2010). Besides fostering the interventions through community sensitization and family participation, putting sex education in school is another key to leverage the level of efficiency in supporting children’s understanding about this issue. According to Dr Pham Vu Thien, Deputy Director, Centre for Health Initiative,“Education sector should provide sex education into the mandatory contents, gender issues should be integrated in the content”. (Thu Ha,2012). In particular, sex education is not about to get access to knowledge only but also practical skills, with the participation of parents,they should talk openly about sex with an appropriate content of the children’s age. Besides, to strengthen the knowledge regarding to health issues for students at schools, they should build up more qualified and quantitative teaching and learning lessons, extra-curricular activities on sex education and social skills. School also can apply many effective program of sex education all over the world. For example, in Western countries, sex education is conducted soon for children at the age of 5 (kienthucdoisong). Had sex education at unappropriate early age help children get the most rudimentary

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