Sexism In Schools Research Paper

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Despite recent efforts for equality, sexism towards women is still shown in today’s society. Women are constantly treated unfairly when it comes to education, attire, and body image. Ironically, high schools, an environment which supposedly supports equality for all students, reinforce this sexism with the harsh dress codes forced upon female students. Since the outdated dress codes purposely sexualize females in order to shame them for their “troublesome” and “distracting” bodies, women are taught that their appearance is more important than their education. Additionally, today’s dress codes contradict schools’ non­discrimination policies by harassing women for their clothing choices because these outfits cause men to view the female students …show more content…
While society sexualizes young females, schools shame them about the exact same thing: clothing, establishing that women are always under prioritized when it comes to education. Consider how many times a female is called out of class just because an article of clothing was deemed ‘inappropriate’ and it never stops, not even after graduation. When it comes to dress codes, schools live by the motto that ‘men are easily distracted and women are at fault for that’. Schools enforce harsh dress codes on females while letting men play victim to skin. In my own experience, I got in trouble for wearing an elastic choker because that piece of stretchy material determined how sexual I got with a man. I was catcalled for wearing a skirt and knee length socks. I was sexualized in my school, which is supposed to be a safe learning environment but is instead a struggle to walk through the hallways without an old man harassing me about my clothing. I cannot possibly understand how that can be okay. How can a man over 30 get away with sexualizing an eighteen or younger female’s body like it is a piece of meat ready to be chewed and spit out? How is it okay with younger and older men do the exact same thing to the female faculty as well? When did a mixed ideology of pedophilia and sexual harassment become accepting in

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